Temple Venue 「Chiso-ji Temple」
I'm a "Yanaka's Deep Spot Mania"
Yanaka Research Institute
「It's fun to see Yanaka in the eyes of the locals.」
It's been 5 years since I lived in Yanaka. As the years went by, the number of exchanges with local people increased, and the number of opportunities to interact with places other than the Yanaka shopping district as a tourist destination increased significantly. The stories I heard and the interesting spots I found were too dangerous! I would like to share this with everyone more and more to make the Yanaka area more exciting, to discover, support, and jointly engage in crazy activities. A city of history, city walks and art! I, LOVE, Yanaka!
Q.What is my rule of mania activity??
Q, isn't it just a "town revitalizer"? A, I don't want to revive a boring town, so I'm trying to pursue the fun and quality of the history exploration, walking around the city, and art creation, all too crazy! If you can only talk about what is written on the tourist map of that area, you cannot really convey the charm of this area! !!